Capturing natural beauty for home-grown label



We recently joined up with Forward Communications and Not My Wardrobe to create a photographic campaign for new Byron Bay-founded bamboo and vegan underwear line Jackfruit The Label.

The boutique underwear brand is co-owned by a mother and daughter duo, who lovingly design and sew each piece with their very own hands.


We wanted to reflect the brand’s ode to nature, which it expresses through it’s slow-fashion and environmentally conscious values.


Upon chatting with Co-Founder Charada Hawley, Greer from Forward Communications discovered that “waterfalls” had been a big part of her childhood when spending time in the Northern Rivers. It was part of her story and we wanted to reflect that in our shoot.






While location scouting, I took Greer to a place I had fallen in love with near Mount Tamborine. It’s a magical spot – the beauty is mesmerising – wild, untouched bushland, mineral-rich rocks and gushing waterfalls. I’d been longing to shoot amongst this scene for some time. For me, it was the perfect location for the siren-like portraits we’d envisaged. The rugged, bare rock boulders and waterfalls made sense to our aesthetic.


Bec Purcell from Not My Wardrobe did an incredible job behind the make-up brush, using only vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. The look was goddess hair, glowy skin, brushed up brows and naturally pigmented lips – with a subtle placement of individual eyelashes to ensure eyes popped. I don’t know how she does it, but she just always delivers when it comes to hair and make-up. It makes post-production a breeze. Bec is always worth the investment! Every single model shone behind the lens.


We shot all day with a bunch of brave and beautiful women who Charada brought together from near and far, some whom modelled for the first time in their lives (and in underwear, no less). They did an incredible job following directions from both Greer and I, which weren’t easy to hear above the deafening waterfalls, which were fast flowing following recent rainfall.


The rock face added an earthiness to the imagery, but was also plain enough to not distract from the simple and minimalist lines of the various Jackfruit The Label pieces.


Post-production treatment was less about touch-ups and more about celebrating textures and tones.


I love it when I am given free rein to creatively express myself. While driving back home to the Gold Coast and sharing vegan chocolate with Greer, our hearts were full and our conversation was energised after what we’d collectively achieved.
It was one of those days when I knew I was truly doing what I loved.

Thanks girls. X

CreditsJackfruit The Label

Media and Creative DirectionForward Communications 

PhotographyLee Calleja Thomas Photography 

Styling and makeupNot My Wardrobe